Who Are We

Founder and CEO of Brillante Signatures Limited

Founder and the Foundation of Brillante

Mrs. Yojana Reddy Gangam, the founder and CEO of Brillante Signatures Limited was a former practitioner of Clinical Psychology in America. Her absolute caring and compassionate personality, has been highly recognised in her field. While she carried on, one day Mr. Prince charming came, and took her to his hometown, U.K. Life quickly changed for her in many ways, not only has she become a fantastic mother of two kids but an outstanding designer of jewelry during the pandemic.
Long story short, she was promoted to start her own brand. She chose this path to not only design unique quality jewels but also listen to happy stories from her customers that would compliment her caring personality. She quickly created a website and uniquely designed everything according to her style.
While Brillante just began producing 925 silver ring jewellery online, Yojana felt the need to start the physical store. She opened a pop-up shop during a valentine weekend in Feb 2022 in Kettering, where she got requests from her happy customers to continue for longer time in that shopping centre. Brillante quickly moved from just selling rings to now doing all forms of jewellery in all precious metals in Newland Shopping Centre, Kettering UK six days a week. Today Brillante is known for giving friendly customer service and for selling the  designed jewel you would need that is durable, sustainable and fashionable at all times.
“We sell jewelry that lasts. We are confident that you will be noticed everywhere you go. I made this space for you to shop with smile and confidence now and forever."

Who Are We?

We are trending Gold & Silver Jewelry Store based in UK.
 We sell jewelry that protects you from allergies caused by fake metals, so you get certified International Standard Gold,Silver and Diamond Jewellery. From newborn jewelry to retirement presents, we got it all. Come shop with us in confidence today. Will see you soon:) 

What About The Stones We Use On Our Jewelry?

Good question! Apart from original diamonds, you get cubic zirconia as a main stone for all your rings from here. But, here is the catch- you don't just get an ordinary CZ stone but AAAAA standard cubic zirconia.
Now what does AAAAA mean? Cubic Zirconia stones have been rated from A to AAAAA.
A being the Lowest Quality, while AAAAA being the Highest Grade available. So, I am sure you will love showing off your shiny jewels to your pals at work and family :P
High quality AAAAA cubic zirconia

Whats Your Benefit?

Because our CZ stones are crafted by the best stone cutters and are shining just like any top-rated diamonds would be, you get a similar look to diamonds and no one can tell  the difference. Your impression will be locked as one who is wealthy and classy. 
AAAAA CZ will last you for decades and won't turn cloudy like the other cubic zirconias.
Exciting enough, we give a one year guarantee on our CZ stones. Yeah, shop now:)

Why Should You Pick Us Over Others?

You will get 100% premium products for a very affordable price.
Additionally, we ensure our products such as silver (925) and gold (9ct, 18ct and 22ct) are pure. This is backed up with brilliant passing on all product quality control tests by the government of UK. 
You must care about saving money but not saving style. 
Finally, you are a step closer in protecting our environmental by picking our environmental friendly products.  

What Problems Do We Really Solve?

  • Affordability: (we guarantee you will not find a better price than us) for the quality we produce. We totally care for you, especially after 2020 pandemic financial crash. Our goal for you is to enjoy tension-free shopping.


  • Product Quality: You don’t just get any random jewelry in a lovely packaging, we ensure each item is thoroughly checked for its defects so you only care about wearing them and showing them without going through the hassle of product defect returns.


  • Safest platform: Once you are on our website, you basically entered a no zombie zone. What does that mean? All your information is kept safe, from  your card details to your demographic details. We are certified by many major banks and we accept all major forms of payments. In addition, you can now checkout very securely allowing no room for scammers to hack your information. So be rest assured. Shop now in a no zombie zone.


  • No extra shipping/delivery fees: By now you already know we do free delivery. So that basically means, you have to pay no extra fees & you get your high quality product tracked to your main door. By the way, you have us just a call away in case, you have questions about your order 07733743794 0r info@brillantesignatures.com.


  • Free gift wrapping: You want to send your loved one a present? But you have no time to pack? We got you!! Just leave a note when you check out and we will gift pack for free.


Brillante signatures packing

Brillánte Signatures Today?

Although, we launched our online store on March 09, 2021 our humble beginnings are widely appreciated.
We began selling 10 items a month to now selling over 100 items a week. You will be happy to know about out 97.8% positive feedback from people like you with only 0.5% product return rate.
Furthermore, we are happy to announce, Brillante Signatures has launched its first Physical store in Newlands Mall, Kettering UK. 
With many of you now moving to buy online, we will be operating as an online store as well. So we are just a phone call/a text away :)
You will also be excited to know, we hold all our products with us and therefore ship to you from our base in UK immediately after placing your order. However, due to shortage of space sometimes in our warehouse, some of our our items are stored in a different place which can take a little longer than the average shipping times. We will stay in touch with you until you receive your item so be rest assured of your item.
We hope you have the best experience shopping with us. 

Brillánte Signatures Business Vision

Our Vision

To let you have the experience similar to wearing luxurious jewelry at a fraction of a price without missing out on the expensive metals. 

Psychological Truth about Women and Rings Brillánte Signatures Article

A Psychological Truth You Should Know

Mrs Yojana, a clinical psychologist herself studied that women who wore rings exhibited more confidence when engaging in social conversations. This includes using more hand gestures which is a sign of confidence itself.
To compliment her study well, A research study conducted by a Japanese group on the effect of wearing rings on the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, proved that women who wore rings were more self-aware than other women who did not. Also, patients who wore rings were cognitively more inclined towards their good behaviour and the behaviour of others. Furthermore, it was observed that nurses complimented women who wore rings more often than women who did not wear rings.
This study proves that confidence can be worn physically (in the form of rings) and psychologically (in the form of self-security.)
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